Your Transaction is Safer Here!

Baird & Warner Title Services is dedicated to keeping your transaction safe and secure. We offer two secure options for your wire verifications:

  • Wire Verification Instructions


  • Wire Verification Instructions through ClosingLock

Wire Verification Instructions

  1. Call Baird & Warner Title at 847-493-5111 to verify that the wire instructions below are correct.
  2. Provide the wire instructions to your bank.
  3. Make sure the bank includes the Baird & Warner Title File # and your name on the wire submission.

Wire instructions for earnest money deposits should be obtained from the Baird & Warner Residential Sales branch office.

Baird & Warner Title Services Wire Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: ACH deposits are not accepted. Funds should only be wired transferred.

Account Name: Baird & Warner Title Services Inc.

Account Number: 8703778525

Bank Routing Code*: 071926184
*PLEASE NOTE: Wintrust has affiliated community banks with a routing code which is shared and under the same charter as the following family of banks (Northbrook Bank & Trust, Northview Bank & Trust, Glenview Bank & Trust, Deerfield Bank & Trust and Buffalo Grove Bank & Trust) and any one of these bank names may appear during your wire transfer.

*only used for international wire transactions

Currency: USD

Bank Address:
Northbrook Bank and Trust Company N.A. (A Wintrust Community Bank)
1100 Waukegan Rd.
Northbrook, IL 60062

Baird & Warner Title Services Address:
Baird & Warner Title Services
425 N. Martingale Road, Suite 1720
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Please include your file number and your name on the wire submission.

Wire Verification Instructions through ClosingLock

Baird & Warner Title Services provides ClosingLock as an option for customers who want electronic wire verification instructions. 

For using ClosingLock as an option, please contact Baird & Warner Title Services at 847-493-5111 or

What is ClosingLock?

ClosingLock is an online portal to securely share wire transfer instructions.

How ClosingLock works for a Buyer:

Click here to access the ClosingLock video on Accessing Your Wiring Instructions.

Questions? Need more information on ClosingLock? Please contact Baird & Warner Title Services at 847-493-5111 or